A.P.E. Worm Gear Winches

APE Worm Gear Winches

Winches are relatively lightweight and compact for their hauling capacity. The rugged construction of these units makes them  ideal for truck  installation and permit easy mounting.
The winches are also suitable for static installation and can be driven with either electric, petrol, air, diesel or hydraulic motors.
Standard Features:
Gear Housing - gear housing and clutch housing manufactured from
quality high tensile aluminium.
Winch Drum - all steel construction for maximum strength and wear resistance.
Drum Shaft - manufactured from quality steel -  for heavy duty and long life.
Worm - nickel chrome steel case hardened, precision thread ground.
Worm Gear - certified gear bronze for heavy duty operation.
Bearings - worm is mounted on heavy duty angular contact ball races. Drum shaft  supported by heavy proportioned bronze bearings.
Worm Brake - optional extra. Totally enclosed disc type in oil bath. .
Dog Clutch and Drag Brakes - fitted as standard to allow free spool of rope.Enclosed drum drag brakes, rope will not "balloon" while being free spooled..
Drum Brake - optional extra.
Spare Parts -Australian made with spare parts readily available