Pullmaster Planetary Hydraulic Winches

PL and M series
Winches of equal speed in both directions. The range with line pulls up to and including 34000kg. With various available options, Pullmaster planetary winches can be adapted to a wide range of applications and requirements. Equipped with an automatic multidisc brake which provides a smooth and positive control for lowering and holding the load.

H and HL series
Winches offering a high speed lowering function. The H series offers reversing speeds approximately 4.5 times faster than forward pedals. These models are also available with line pull to 34000kg. The HL series models have a rapid reverse and rapid forward speed in addition to normal hoisting speeds.The change from normal speed to rapid forward speed can be made while the load is moving - on the fly.

R series
The R series of winches are for recovery applications. Free spooling is a standard feature on this model and is offered with a manually actuated clutch or is suitable for hydraulic remote control.

Fishing and Marine - Pullmaster winches being totally enclosed are ideally suited for a marine environment. They can be used as boom hoist, swing winch, gilson winch and for cod end brailing operations.
Construction - Compact and robust Pullmaster winches can be installed on hydraulic cranes, loaders and material hoists.
Military - For Recovery and hoisting operation on military vehicles, Pullmaster winches are dependable, reliable and tough. Pullmaster winches perform in all climatic conditions.
Logging - The Pullmaster winch provides strength and power in both directions and coupled with a free spooling facility are ideally installed on logging equipment. Winches in the HL series will let a log loader perform double duty as a yarder in a highly efficient operation. Winches installed on grapple skidders will reach logs in inaccessible areas.
Dredging- Pullmaster winches are used to raise and lower the cutter head ladder. They are used as swing winches and to raise and drop the spuds. The rapid reverse option used on a spud winch, provides for the velocity required to anchor the spud. Pullmaster winches have also been proven on jack up barges and barge spotting operations.